Nats Stolen Bases & MLB Changes

Turner Nationals 2017


2017 is off to a good start with 2 SB in game #1 on Opening Day, 1 each by Turner and newcomer CF Adam Eaton. The NATS #1 team season for SB was 2006 with 123; Alfonso Soriano (remember him?) had 41 SB that year.  2016 was the NATS #2 season for SB, and that can probably be attributed to CF Trea Turner with his 33 SB that year.  In third place, the team had 110 SB in 2012 with the help of CF Nyger Morgan (34).  The NATS lowest number for SB was in 2005 with 45 total; LF Brad Wilkerson led the team with 8.

Heads Up on MLB Changes for 2017

The intentional walk is now a “call,” the pitcher does not have to throw the traditional 4 outside pitches.  The All-Star Game win no longer grants home field (NL or AL) advantage in the World Series; that goes to the team with the most wins.  Other changes under consideration for the future:  limit the number of relief pitchers in a game?  The record for most pitchers in one game may be held by the Rockies with 13 pitchers in a 16-inning game on Sept 15,  2015 (they won).  The most pitchers used in a 9-inning postseason game was 9 by the Rays Manager Joe Maddon in a 2013 against the Red Sox.  As we all know, bringing in relief pitchers can take up a lot of time.  Other ideas are being considered to “speed up the game.”  Also, MLB has tasked Rawlings with coming up with a new baseball which would not need the Lena Blackburne Magic Mud rub.

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