April 8th: WSH-3, PHI-7

Final R H E
WSH 3 10 2
PHI 17 15 0
W: Nola (1-0.4.50)
L: Guthrie (0-1, 135.00)
S: –

No where to go but up from here.  Jeremy Guthrie:

  • 0.2 IP
  • 10 Earned Runs – 6 Hits – 4 Walks
  • 12 Batters Faced
  • 47 Pitches (25 strikes)
  • -6 Game Score (that’s negative six)

Since 1913, there have been 10 starts where the SP got 3 outs or fewer and allowed 10 or more earned runs.  Surprise, Jeremy Guthrie is on that last (May 25, 2015 – Royals vs Yankees), when he gave up 11 runs in the first, so this was sort of an improvement.  He is one of FIVE Royals who have this distinction.  Other teams on the list, which the Nationals now join, are the Pirates, Reds, Astros, Diamondbacks, and Twins.

How about that Game Score of -6?  Remember Game Score was devised by Bill James and expands on the Quality Start concept.  The formula starts at 50:  1 pt for each out recorded, 2 for each inning completed after the 4th, 1 for each SO, minus 2 for each H, minus 4 for each ER, minus 2 for each unearned run, minus 1 for each walk.

The highest game score (9 innings) belongs to Kerry Wood (1998 famous 20-strikeout game) with 105.  The highest game score for a no-hitter belongs to NAT MAX SCHERZER (Oct 3, 2015) with 104.

The worst game score belongs to Allan Travers (Tigers) with -52 in 1912; he allowed 24 runs in his start.  Since 1957, the lowest is -21 by Mike Oquist (Athletics) who allowed 14 earned runs in 5 innings.

Other Apr 8 game notes:  Enny Romero gave up 4 runs, Joe Blanton 4 and Shawn Kelley 1.  Daniel Murphy went 3-for-4 and now has a .524 BA.  Jayson Werth was 2-for-3, with 2 RBI.  Anthony Rendon had 2 total bases, and Ryan Zimmerman had 1 RBI.  The NATS had their first 2 errors:  Murphy (fielding) and Wilmer Difo (throw).

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