Room with a View: Bob & F.P.

On April 14th,  2017 (Phillies/Murphy walk-off win night), Bob Carpenter, NATS T.V. broadcast announcer, invited me up for a tour of the broadcast booth.

Wow.  This is the way it looks from the NATS T.V. broadcast booth at NATS Park where Carpenter and F.P. Santangelo sit way high up at NATS Park.  Check out the other pictures below which show Carpenter’s set-up for the game, including binoculars, reading glasses, scorebook and laptop.

Why so high up?  According to a bit of research on-line, it appears that the trend to move press up was inspired by the desire to put more luxury boxes and seats at the lower level where broadcasters and press used to be.

Who were the NATS T.V. guys in 2005?  (see answer below).

When was the first MLB game broadcast on T.V. (also below).

Bob meticulously scores every game, and has his archives of scorebooks stored on the bookshelf (his BC Scorebook appears to be popular at NATS Park).   See the example from the April 12 Cards game below.  He uses pen colors and yellow highlighter as you can see in the photographs.  Maybe that would help my scoring….

Brief bio on Bob and FP:

Bob Carpenter – T.V. Play-by-Play:

Born 1953 in St. Louis, Mo

10th season wth MASN & the NATS

ESPN MLB Play-by-Play 1990-2005

St. Louis Cardinals Play-by-Play 1984, 1995-96, 1995-2001

Also:  Twins (1994), Mets (1992-93), Rangers (1986-89)

1996 and 1997:  Winner of St. Louis/Mid-America Emmy (Cards baseball)

And….does college basketball in the off season

Author:  Bob Carpenter’s Baseball Scorebook

F.P. (Frank-Paul) Santangelo – T.V. Color Analyst:

Born 1967 in Livonia, MI

5th season on MASN

Played 7 MLB seasons – OF/switch-hitter

Expos (1995-98)

Giants (1999)

Dodgers (2000)

Athletics (2001)

Career:  .245 BA, 21 HR, 162 RBI

Co-hosted “The Rise Guys” sports talk radio show 2006-08






2005 T.V.:  Mel PROCTOR (Play-by-Play) and Ron DARLING (Color Announcer).  Darling was a Mets All-Star pitcher in 1984, and a member of the Mets 1989 World Series championship team.  Proctor called play-by-play for the Rangers, Orioles and Padres.  While with the Orioles, he appeared in five episodes of “Homicide:  Life on the Street” 1993-95, playing a reporter.


First T.V. Broadcast:   August 26, 1939, on W2XBS (later WNBC-TV) with HOF announcer Red BARBER calling a game at Ebbets Field (Brooklyn, NY) between the Dodgers and Reds.  This was the same year of the Worlds Fair in NY, which was apparently the catalyst for the broadcast.  Regular broadcasts did not catch on until 1946, though T.V.s were not a common household feature until the mid-1950’s.


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