MATT ALBERS: Looking Good


Matt ALBERS was amazing again Wednesday in the 9th.  Last year for the White Sox, Albers really impressed the fans when, after not swinging a baseball bat in a game since 2009, with the game tied 1-1 in the 13th he came in and hit a double, sliding into 2nd, AND….went on to score what would become the winning run.  But that’s not all, he also came in to pitch the bottom of the 13th and earned the win.

Here is some background on ALBERS (ERA 0.69):

Bats:  left.  Throws:  right.  Height:  6’1”.  Weight:  225.  College:  San Jacinto Community College.  #43 with the NATS (wore #34 with the White Sox).

ALBERS is 34 years old (born in Houston, TX), and joined the NATS in 2017 from the White Sox.

He made his MLB debut with the ASTROS in July 2006, and has played with played with 7 teams (Astros twice) during his 11 year career:

Astros 2006-07

Orioles 2008-10

Red Sox 2011-12

Diamondbacks 2012

Indians 2013

Astros 2014

White Sox 2015-16

Albers has a career ERA of 4.31, with 1 save, 428 K, and 1.43 WHIP in 616 innings pitched. 

In 2017:

12 games

13 IP

12 K

2 wins

1 save

2 holds

BAA:  .136

ERA:  0.69

WHIP:  0.54

TBF:  47

K%:  20.5%

BB%:   2.3%

Pitch types:   FB 68.0%

SL  28.9%

CH  1.9%

CB  1.3%

Matt ALBERS:  looking good this year!










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