Dusty Baker’s son, Darren: MLB in his Future?


Darren Baker was a 3-year old bat boy for the San Francisco Giants and famously g0t saved by 1st baseman JT Snow in Game 5 of the 2002 World Series.  Snow reacted quickly to scoop Darren up to safety (Darren was near home plate with runners bearing down from 3rd)….you can find the video on-line.

Fifteen years later and Darren is a senior at Jesuit High School in Sacramento, CA, a bit taller and more robust than that photo from 15 years ago (now 5’11” and 155 lbs), is batting .396, and committed to play at Cal next year.

Sure, Darren has been able to have some famous mentors and hang out with the likes of Barry Bonds, Bryce Harper and Brandon Phillips, but his success on the field is his alone.

According to an article worth reading in The Sacramento Bee (May 11, 2017, by Ailen Voisin – see below), Dusty let him find his own way to athletics and baseball.  Dusty and his wife, Melissa, emphasized academics over athletics and Darren will graduate with a 3.7 GPA.

Darren told Voisin that he treasures the fishing trips with his dad and said how Dusty still goes hunting and fishing by himself, and brings “everything home like a caveman,” putting the fish in milk in the fridge to try out some new recipes.

Luckily for Dusty and Melissa, Darren won’t be too far from home at Cal.  We look forward to seeing more of Darren on the field in the future.


ARTICLE:  Dusty Baker’s son Darren of Jesuit High MLB prospects, by Ailen Voisin (Sacramento Bee, May 11, 2017)




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