NATS Ejections & MLB Umpire Joe West

With MLB umpire Joe West reaching the 5,000 game milestone (3rd in MLB history), we checked out NATS ejections by Joe West, this is what we found:

Apr 30, 2005:  Mgr Frank Robinson.  West was the crew chief and it appears he made the call when Frank argued game weather conditions.

July 30, 2009:  Mgr Jim Riggleman.  Riggleman holds the NATS record with 11 ejections (Bryce Harper has 9).

Jun 4, 2010:  SS Ian Desmond.

June 5, 2010:  P Miguel Batista.

Aug 28, 2011:  Mgr Davey Johnson.

Also of note:  Joe West was suspended for making contact with Phillies reliever Jonathan Papelbon during an argument.

Check out:  There is an interesting article in USA Today June 21, 2017, “Noted ump West gets a lot off his chest protector,” by Bob Nightingale.  Here are a few highlights:

–Pace of play:  “It’s the T.V. commercials.  We’ve got 19 minutes of commercial time”….though “it sure pays the bills.”

–Pitch clock:  “I don’t like it….let’s get rid of all of the walk-up music.  Players wait like it’s a Broadway play before they come to the plate.”

–Worst rule in 50 years:  “The DH.  It’s horrible.”

–The greatest:  “Barry Bonds was the best left-handed hitter I ever saw, and Albert Pujols was probably the best right-handed hitter….best hitting team I ended up seeing was the Big Red Machine.”

–Friendliest face:  “That’s easy.  Dale Murphy.  Nobody was better than Murph.”

–Biggest complainer:  “It’s got be Adrian Beltre.  Every pitch you call that’s a strike, he says ‘Whoa, Whoa’….I told him you may be a great player, but you’re the worst umpire in the league.  You stink.”

–Historic moments:  “It had to be when Pete Rose broke the National League consecutive hit record, unless you want to count when A-Rod knocked the ball out of Bronson Arroyo’s glove and we called him out.  The fans threw everything at us.  We had to call the riot squad to calm everyone.  The next day when they realized we had the call right, they gave us a standing ovation.”

–Prized possession:  “I got an autographed ball from Merle Haggard.”  (West has produced 2 country albums.)




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