Washington Nationals A to Z: Your Guide to the POSTSEASON


NATS Facts & History – including: 

**Postseason History:  Look back on NATS previous postseason games (stats, scores, teams).

**Ryan Zimmerman:  has a NATS record for most games played in a season (162 – perfect record!) in 2007.

**Chad Cordero:  was the 1st ever NATS MLB STATS leader – #1 in saves (47) IN 2005. 

**Cristian Guzman:  got the 1st hit (and scored the first run) at NATS Park in 2008.

**Rick Ankiel:  the former NATS OF is the only player besides BABE RUTH to start at least 10 games as a pitcher and hit at least 50 HRs. 

**Jordan Zimmermann:  pitched the 1st ever NATS “immaculate inning” (9 pitches, 9 K’s, 9 outs) on May 6, 2011.

**“Natinals” Jersey:  Adam Dunn’s infamous misspelled “NATINALS” jersey raised $8,000 in a 2009 NATS Dream Foundation Auction.

**PLUS:  Stats, Fun Facts, History, Managers, Coaches, Firsts, Leaders, lots of pictures, and a Stats Cheat Sheet at the back of the book!

All these facts and more can be found in “Washington Nationals A to Z” by Ann Lambert Good.  Available at the NATS Team Shop and on-line at Amazon, Barnes & Noble and Mascot Books. 


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