June 26th: WSH-4, CHC-5

Final R H E
WSH 4 12 2
CHC 5 9 1
W: Butler (4-2, 3.71)
L: Gonzalez (7-2, 2.87)

NATS Rally in the 9th Falls Short (Avoiding 1st Shutout of 2017)


CUBS/1st inning (1 run):  

Willson Contreras solo HR (WSH-0, CHC-1).

CUBS/8th inning (1 run): 

Albert Almora Jr. RBI-single, scoring Javier Baez (WSH-0, CHC-2).

CUBS/9th inning (3 runs): 

Anthony Rizzo RBI single, scoring Tommy La Stella (WSH-0, CHC-3).

Ian Happ RBI single, scoring Kris Bryant (WSH-0, CHC-4).

Javier Baez RBI double, scoring Ian Happ (WSH-0, CHC-5).

NATS/9th inning (4 runs):

Matt Wieters RBI single, scoring Daniel Murphy (WSH-1, CHC-5).

Stephen Drew 2-RBI double, scoring Matt Wieters and Michael Taylor (WSH-3, CHC-5).

Ryan Zimmerman batting, wild pitch and Wilmer Difo scores (WSH-4, CHC-5).

ERRORS:  2 – Matt Grace (throw), Brian Goodwin (throw).





SP Gio Gonzalez (2.87) – Game Score 61 (CHC Butler 63):

Pitched 6.0 innings, giving up 1 earned run on 2 hits (1 HR) and 5 walks, striking out 8 (113 pitches, 64 strikes, 26 batters).

Blake Treinen  (5.67):

Pitched 1.1 inning, giving up 1 earned run on 3 hits, 0 walks, striking out 1 (28 pitches, 20 strikes, 8 batters).

Enny Romero (3.28):

Pitched 0.2 inning, no runs/walks/hits (5 pitches, 4 strikes, 1 batter).

Matt Grace (4.85):

Pitched 0.2 innings, gave up 3 earned runs on 3 hits and 1 walk, striking out 1 (17 pitches, 13 strikes, 5 batters).

Matt Albers (1.93):

Pitched 0.1 inning, no runs/walks/hits, struck out 1 (8 pitches, 4 strikes, 2 batters).

Up next – Tuesday CUBS @ NATS at 7:05 p.m.:  Max Scherzer (8-5, 2.09 ERA, 145 K) vs Jake Arrieta (7-5, 4.36 ERA, 89 K).


June 25th: WSH-2, CIN-6

Final R H E
WSH 2 8 1
CIN 6 12 0
W: Feldman (6-5, 4.07)
L: Roark (6-5, 5.15)

REDS Bats take Game #3; ROARK Uneven but K’s 7


CIN/1st inning (5 runs):  

Scooter Gennett RBI single, scoring Billy Hamilton (WSH-0, CIN-1).

Joey Votto RBI single, scoring Scooter Gennett (WSH-0, CIN-2).  Bryce Harper throwing error.

Patrick Kivlehan grounds into force out, Joey Votto scores (WSH-0, CIN-3).

Tucker Barnhart 2-RBI double, scoring Patrick Kivlehan and Jose Peraza (WSH-0, CIN-5).

CIN/2nd inning (1 run):  

Scooter Gennett solo HR (WSH-0, CIN-6).

NATS/4th inning (2 runs):

Michael Taylor (.273) 2-run HR, scoring Adam Lind.  (WSH-2, CIN-6).

ERROR:  1 – Bryce Harper (throw).



SP Tanner Roark (5.15) – Game Score 37 (CIN SP Feldman 57):

Pitched 6.0 innings, giving up 6 earned runs on 9 hits (1 HR) and 2 walks, striking out 7 (116 pitches, 76 strikes, 28 batters).

Matt Grace (2.92):

Pitched 1.0 inning, giving up no runs on 2 hits, 1 K (17 pitches, 12 strikes, 4 batters).

Joe Blanton (9.00):

Pitched 1.1 inning, giving up no runs, 1 hit, no walks (15 pitches, 12 strikes, 5 batters).

Oliver Perez (4.02):

Pitched 0.2 innings, giving up no runs/walks/hits, striking out 1 (10 pitches, 6 strikes, 2 batters).

Up next – Monday CUBS @ NATS 7:05 p.m.:  Gio Gonzalez (7-1, 2.96 ERA, 87 K) vs. Eddie Butler (3-2, 4.19 ERA, 25 K).

June 24th: WSH-18, CIN-3

Final R H E
WSH 18 19 0
CIN 3 10 0
W: Ross (4-3, 5.40)
L: Bailey (0-3, 43.20)

Trea Turner 5-for-5 (4 runs), Michael Taylor 4-for-5 (3 RBI)


NATS/1st inning (1 run): 

Ryan Zimmerman (.352) 2-RBI double, scoring Trea Turner and Brian Goodwin (WSH-2, CIN-0).

NATS/2nd inning (6 runs):

Trea Turner (.275) RBI single, scoring Michael Taylor (WSH-3, CIN-0).

Daniel Murphy (.343) 3-RBI double, scoring Trea Turner, Brian Goodwin, and Ryan Zimmerman (WSH-6, CIN-0).

Anthony Rendon (.296) RBI double, scoring Daniel Murphy (WSH-7, CIN-0).

Matt Wieters (.252) RBI single, scoring Anthony Rendon (WSH-8, CIN-0).

NATS/4th inning (4 runs):

Matt Wieters (.252) 2-RBI single, scoring Ryan Zimmerman and Anthony Rendon (WSH-10, CIN-0).

Michael Taylor (.273) HR, scoring Matt Wieters (WSH-12, CIN-0).

NATS/5th inning (1 run): 

Daniel Murphy (.343) sac fly, Trea Turner scores (WSH-13, CIN-0).

 CIN/6th inning (1 run):

Patrick Kivlehan solo HR (WSH-13, CIN-1).

NATS/6th inning (1 run): 

Michael Taylor (.273) solo HR (WSH-14, CIN-1).

CIN/8th inning (2 runs):  Patrick Kivlehan RBI single, scoring Billy Hamilton (WSH-14, CIN-2).

Eugenio Suarez sac fly, Scooter Gennerr scores (WSH-14, CIN-3).

NATS/8th inning (4 runs):  Trea Turner (.275) RBI single, scoring Michael Taylor (WSH-15, CIN-3).

Brian Goodwin (.264) RBI double, scoring Wilmer Difo (WSH-16, CIN-3).

Adam Lind (.327) sac fly, Trea Turner scores (WSH-17, CIN-3).

Jose Lobaton (.147) sac fly, Brian Goodwin scores (WSH-18, CIN-3).

Sac bunt:  Joe Ross.

Sac fly:  Daniel Murphy, Adam Lind, Jose Lobaton.


SP Joe Ross (5.40) – Game Score 64 (CIN Bailey 10):

Pitched 7.0 innings giving up 1 earned run on 6 hits (1 HR) and 1 walk, striking out 7 (103 pitches, 74 strikes, 27 batters).

Joe Blanton (9.72):

Pitched 1.0 inning giving up 2 earned runs on 2 hits, no walks, not K’s (7 batters).

Jacob Turner (4.33):

Pitched 1.0 inning giving up no runs/hits/walks (3 batters).

Up next – Sunday, vs CIN at 1:35 P.M.:  Tanner Roark (6-4, 4.88 ERA, 69 K) vs. Scott Feldman (5-5, 4.20 ERA, 68 K).





June 23rd: WSH-6, CIN-5

Final R H E
WSH 6 13 0
CIN 5 9 0
W: Albers (3-1, 1.95)
L: Iglesias (2-2, 1.82)

HARPER Walk-off Win in 10th; GOODWIN 2 HR Night

MURPHY 100th Career HR


CIN/1st inning (4 runs):

Scooter Gennett solo HR (WSH-0, CIN-1).

Scott Schebler sac fly, Joey Votto scores (WSH-0, CIN-2).

Devin Mesoraco RBI single, scoring Adam Duvall (WSH-0, CIN-3).

Jose Peraza RBI single, scoring Eugenio Suarez (WSH-0, CIN-4).

WSH/1st inning (1 run):

Brian Goodwin (.265) solo HR (WSH-1, CIN-4).

CIN/3rd inning (1 run):

Devin Mesoraco RBI single, scoring Scot Schebler (WSH-1, CIN-5).

WSH/4th inning (1 run):

Anthony Rendon (.291) solo HR (WSH-2, CIN-5).

WSH/6th inning (2 runs):

Daniel Murphy (.344) solo HR (WSH-3, CIN-5) (Murphy 100th career HR).

Stephen Drew (.347) sac fly, scoring Anthony Rendon (WSH-4, CIN-5).

WSH/7th inning (1 run):  

Brian Goodwin (.265) solo HR (WSH-5, CIN-5) (9 total bases in game).

WSH/10th inning (1 run):

Bryce Harper (.308) walk-off single, scoring Trea Turner (WSH-6, CIN-5).

Stolen base:  Trea Turner (#28).

Sac bunt:  Wilmer Difo.

Sac fly:  Stephen Drew.

GIDP:  Stephen Drew, Ryan Zimmerman.


SP Stephen Strasburg (3.57)  – Game Score 34 (CIN SP Castillo 37):

Pitched 5.0 innings, giving up 5 earned runs on 8 hits (1 HR) and 2 walks, stirking out 5 (95 pitches, 65 strikes, 27 batters).

Matt Grace (3.18):

Pitched 1.0 inning, no runs/hits/walks.

Blake Treinen (5.63):

Pitched 2.0 innings, no runs, 1 hit and 1 K.

Enny Romero (3.34):

Pitched 1.0 inning, no runs/hits/walks.

Matt Albers (1.95) – Win:

Pitched 1.0 inning, no runs, no hits, 1 walk.

Up next – REDS @ NATS 4:05 p.m. Saturday:  Joe Ros (3-3, 5.98 ERA, 47 K) vs. Homer Bailey (0-0, -.– ERA, 0 K).

June 21st: WSH-1, MIA-2

Final R H E
WSH 1 5 1
MIA 2 2 0
W: Barraclough (3-1, 3.34)
L: Scherzer (8-5, 2.09)
S:Ramos (10)

SCHERZER No-Hitter thru 7, Broken up in the 8th



Ryan Raburn (.323) solo homer (WSH-1, MIA-0).


There goes the no-hitter:  SCHERZER gives up a single to A.J. Ellis – a ground ball to Stephen Drew, deflected off of SCHERZER’s glove.

Giancarlo Stanton batting, SCHERZER wild pitch and Jose Uren scores (WSH-1, MIA-1).

Giancarlo RBI single, scoring J.T. Realmuto (WSH-1, MIA-2).

Error:  Lind (fielding).

Caught Stealing:  Raburn.


SP Max Scherzer (2.09) – Game Score 87 (MIA Straily 65):

Pitched 8 innings (complete game), giving up 2 unearned runs on 2 hits and 1 walk, striking out 11 (121 pitches, 85 strikes, 29 batters).

NATS Ejections & MLB Umpire Joe West

With MLB umpire Joe West reaching the 5,000 game milestone (3rd in MLB history), we checked out NATS ejections by Joe West, this is what we found:

Apr 30, 2005:  Mgr Frank Robinson.  West was the crew chief and it appears he made the call when Frank argued game weather conditions.

July 30, 2009:  Mgr Jim Riggleman.  Riggleman holds the NATS record with 11 ejections (Bryce Harper has 9).

Jun 4, 2010:  SS Ian Desmond.

June 5, 2010:  P Miguel Batista.

Aug 28, 2011:  Mgr Davey Johnson.

Also of note:  Joe West was suspended for making contact with Phillies reliever Jonathan Papelbon during an argument.

Check out:  There is an interesting article in USA Today June 21, 2017, “Noted ump West gets a lot off his chest protector,” by Bob Nightingale.  Here are a few highlights:

–Pace of play:  “It’s the T.V. commercials.  We’ve got 19 minutes of commercial time”….though “it sure pays the bills.”

–Pitch clock:  “I don’t like it….let’s get rid of all of the walk-up music.  Players wait like it’s a Broadway play before they come to the plate.”

–Worst rule in 50 years:  “The DH.  It’s horrible.”

–The greatest:  “Barry Bonds was the best left-handed hitter I ever saw, and Albert Pujols was probably the best right-handed hitter….best hitting team I ended up seeing was the Big Red Machine.”

–Friendliest face:  “That’s easy.  Dale Murphy.  Nobody was better than Murph.”

–Biggest complainer:  “It’s got be Adrian Beltre.  Every pitch you call that’s a strike, he says ‘Whoa, Whoa’….I told him you may be a great player, but you’re the worst umpire in the league.  You stink.”

–Historic moments:  “It had to be when Pete Rose broke the National League consecutive hit record, unless you want to count when A-Rod knocked the ball out of Bronson Arroyo’s glove and we called him out.  The fans threw everything at us.  We had to call the riot squad to calm everyone.  The next day when they realized we had the call right, they gave us a standing ovation.”

–Prized possession:  “I got an autographed ball from Merle Haggard.”  (West has produced 2 country albums.)




June 20th: WSH-12, MIA-3

Final R H E
WSH 12 11 0
MIA 3 6 1
W: Gonzalez (7-1, 2.96)
L: Volquez (3-8, 4.19)

DREW 3-for-5 (3 RBI), ZIMMERMAN 2-for-5 (3 RBI)


NATS/3rd inning (2 runs):   

Bryce Harper (.325) 2-RBI single, scoring Michael Taylor and Trea Turner (WSH-2, MIA-0).

MIA/4th inning (1 run):  

J.T. Realmuto RBI double, scoring Marcell Ozuna (WSH-2, MIA-1).

NATS/5th inning (4 runs):

Brian Goodwin (.253) RBI single, scoring Michael Taylor (WSH-3, MIA-1).

Ryan Zimmerman (.347) 2-RBI double, scoring Brian Goodwin and Bryce Harper (WSH-5, MIA-1).

Stephen Drew (.348) RBI single, scoring Ryan Zimmerman (WSH-6, MIA-1).

MIA/5th inning (2 runs):

Marcell Ozuna 2-run HR, scoring Christian Yelich (WSH-6, MIA-3).

NATS/8th inning (1 run):

Daniel Murphy (.346) solo HR (WSH-7, MIA-3).

NATS/9th inning (5 runs):

Ryan Zimmerman (.347) RBI single, scoring Trea Turner (WHS-8, MIA-3).

Daniel Murphy (.346) RBI single, scoring Brian Goodwin (WSH-9, MIA-3).

Stephen Drew (.348) 2-run double, scoring Bryce Harper and Ryan Zimmerman (WSH-11, MIA-3).

Matt Wieters (.249) grounds out, Daniel Murphy scores (WSH-12, MIA-3).

Stolen Bases:  Taylor-2, Turner-1.


SP Gio Gonzalez (2.96):

Pitched 7.0 innings, giving up 3 earned runs on 6 hits (1 HR) and 2 walks, striking out 8 (101 pitches, 71 strikes, 30 batters).

Blake Treinen (6.00):

Pitched 1.0 inning, giving up no runs, hits, walks (10 pitches, 6 strikes, 3 batters).

Matt Albers (2.03):

Pitched 1.0 inning, giving up no runs, hits or walks, striking out 3 batters (11 pitches, 10 strikes, 3 batters).

Up Next – NATS @ Marlins Wednesday:  Max Scherzer (8-4, 2.26 ERA, 134 K) vs. Dan Straily (5-4, 3.58 ERA, 80 K).

June 19th: WSH-7, MIA-8

Final R H E
WSH 7 13 1
MIA 8 13 1
W: Ramos (2-3, 4.13)
L: Romero (2-3, 3.71)

NATS Fall to Marlins in 9th, RENDON Departs Game Early 


1st inning/NATS: 

Bryce Harper (.316) 2-run HR, scoring ryan Raburn (WSH-2, MIA-0).

2nd inning/NATS:

Anthony Rendon (.289) solo HR (WSH-3, MIA-0).

3rd inning/NATS:

Daniel Murphy (.342) RBI double, scoring Ryan Raburn (WSH-4, MIA-0).

Michael Taylor (.262) 2-RBI single, scoring Anthony Rendon and Daniel Murphy (WSH-6, MIA-0).

3rd inning/MIA:

JT Riddle RBI triple, scoring Derek Dietrich (WSH-6, MIA-1).

Dee Gordon groundout, JT Riddle scores (WSH-6, MIA-2).

Justin Bour grand slam, scoring Giancarlo Stanto, Christian Yelich and Marcell Ozuna (WSH-6, MIA-6).

5th inning/NATS:

Stephen Drew (.317) RBI double, scoring Ryan Zimmerman (WSH-7, MIA-6).

7th inning/MIA:

Giancarlo Stanton solo HR (WSH-7, MIA-7).

9th inning/MIA:

Marcell Ozuna RBI single, scoring Dee Gordon (WSH-7, MIA-8).

GIDP:  Raburn.

Error:  Wieters (throw).

Double Plays:  3.


SP Tanner Roark (4.88):

Pitched 2.2 innings, gave up 6 runs (1 HR) on 6 hits and 2 walks.

Matt Grace (3.46):

Pitched 2.1 innings, giving up no runs on 2 hits and 0 walks.

Jacob Turner (4.20):

Pitched 1.1 inning, giving up no runs on 1 hits and striking out 2 batters.

Enny Romero (3.71) – got the loss:

Pitched 1.2 innings, giving up 1 earned run on 3 hits and 2 walks, striking out 2.

Up next – NATS @ Marlins on Tuesday at 7:10 p.m.:  Gio Gonzalez (6-1, 2.89 ERA, 79 K) vs. Edison Volquez (3-7, 3.72 ERA, 68 K).










Trea Turner 4 SB in 1 game: How about Davey Lopes’ 5 SB?

Checking out Trea Turner’s achievement of 4 stolen bases in 1 game in MLB history, we came across Davey Lopes (NATS 1st Base Coach) and his amazing SB history, along with a few Senators with dominant base stealer records.

Davey Lopes was an ace base stealer.  Take a look at these stats:

Stole 5 bases in 1 game on Aug 24, 1974 (with the Dodgers, vs. the Cardinals).

Set the new record for consecutive stolen bases – breaking a record of 31 set in 1922 by Max Carey – of 38 in 1975 (from June 6 to Aug 24 – with the Dodgers).

#9 in Stolen Base %, career:  557 stolen bases, 671 attempts for a SB % of 83.01%.  The #1 is Chase Utley with 88.8%.

Most stolen bases in 1 game (since 1900):   Eddie Collins of the Athletics was the first to 6 stolen bases in one game; he did it twice (Sept 11, 1912 and Sept 22, 1912).  Other players with 6:  Otis Nixon (1991 – Braves), Eric Young (1996 – Rockies), Carl Crawford (2009 – Rays).

Washington Senators base stealers:

**Clyde Milan:  had 5 stolen bases in 1 game on June 14, 1912 (Eddie Collins had his 6 in 1912 too – see above).

**George Case:  League leader in stolen bases, 5 or more seasons (1939-43).









NATS Stats History: HBP, Sac Fly, Sac Bunt, etc. (top 3’s)

A few NATS Stats we don’t often look at – top 3’s 2005-2017:


73     Danny Espinosa

35     Nick Johnson

33     Jayson Werth


181    Ryan Zimmerman

83     Wilson Ramos

79     Ian Desmond


61     Ryan Zimmerman

26     Ian Desmond

25     Jayson Werth


50     Livan Hernandez

43     Jordan Zimmermann

42     Gio Gonzalez


122    Ian Desmond

62     Denard Span

61     Trea Turner (wow heading up the list fast!)