NATS: A Few Interesting Stats

A Few Interesting NATS STATS



STATCAST – HR Distance (#1 Jake Lamb – 418 ft):

Ryan Zimmerman tied for #2 in MLB – 470 feet

Bryce Harper is the #39 name on the list – 451 feet

STATCAST – Exit Velocity (#1 Aaron Judge – 119.4 ft):

 Bryce Harper – 114.7 mph

STATCAST – Average Exit Velocity (#1 Miguel Sano 9.9 mph)

Ryan Zimmerman – 94.2 mph.

Bryce Harper – 92.8 mph

Anthony Rendon – 91.2 MPH

STATCAST – Fastest Pitches:  no NATS (#1 Joe Kelly – 102.2 MPH)

STATCAST – Average Pitch Velocity (#1 Trevor Rosenthal 99.2 mph:

Blake Treinen – 96.7 four-seam FB

Koda Glover – 96.3 mph sinker

Blake Treinen – 96.3 four-seam FB


NATS Runs Allowed Per Game (RA/G)4.51

Most is NYM with 5.46.  Least is LAD with 3.55.  NATS are about in the middle with 4.51

TOUGH LOSSES (Ltuf) – losses in quality starts

NATS:  2.  (GIANTS have 8!)

QUALITY STARTS – starting pitcher has at least 6 innings and allowed 3 or fewer earned runs

NATS tied #1 MLB with CARDS – 30 QS.  MARLINS have fewest with 14.

QUALITY START% – percentage of starts that were QS.

NATS #2 MLB (64%) after #1 CARDS (67%).

WINS LOST (Wlst) – At the time the pitcher faced his final batter, he was in a position for a win, but the game was blown by the bullpen:

NATS Pitcher:  Gio Gonzalez – tied for #1 MLB –  4

(tied with Nate Karns/KCR & Wade Miley/BAL)

Team:  NATS tied #1 MLB with 8 (with NYM and BAL)


NATS Tied #1 MLB:  125


Team:  NATS tied #1 MLB:  102

NATS Pitcher:  Tanner Roark – #3/tied MLB:  106


NATS tied #1 MLB:  6.2

GAME SCORE AVERAGE (Starting Pitchers):

Team:  NATS tied #2 MLB:  55

NATS Pitcher:  Max Scherzer:  #6 MLB with 65.0

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NATS the way I like it uh huh uh huh…



May 26th: WSH-5, SD-1

Final R H E
WSH 5 8 0
SD 1 3 1
W: Scherzer (5-3, 2.77)
L: Perdomo (0-2, 5.61)
S: Glover (4)


Max Scherzer (2.77) came very close to a complete game (8 and two-thirds innings) Friday night, striking out 13, giving up 1 run on 1 hit (a HR) and walking 2 (Game Score:  86).  Scherzer faced 31 batters (108 pitches, 81 strikes), and had 7 groundouts, 3 flouts. He was taken out after loading the bases in the 9th, replaced by Koda Glover (2.51) who struck out the final batter to get the save.

Trea Turner (.244) hit the first leadoff homer of the season, and also had a double.  Michael Taylor (.266)  and Bryce Harper (.340) both contributed 2-run HR’s, Taylor in the 4th and Harper in the 7th.  Matt Wieters (.288) went 2-for-4, scoring a run.  Jayson Werth (.275) stole his 4th base of the season.  Anthony Rendon (.284) took a HR break but did hit a double in the first inning.  Ryan Zimmerman and Daniel Murphy were not in the lineup, replaced by Adam Lind at 1B and Wilmer Difo at 2B.

Next – Padres Saturday at 4:05 PM (Star Wars Day):  Stephen Strasburg (5-1, 3.28 ERA, 59 K) vs. Clayton Richard (3-5, 4.31 ERA, 45 K).

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May 25th: WSH-2, SEA-4

Final R H E
WSH 2 6 0
SEA 4 9 1
W: Miranda (4-2, 4.22)
L: Turner (2-3, 4.37)
S: Diaz (8)



Gio Gonzalez (2.90) pitched 5.1 innings (96 pitches, 50 strikes) and was charged with 2 earned runs on 3 hits and 4 walks; he struck out 8 of 21 batters (game score:  60).  Gio was taken out in the 5th with 1 out and replaced by Jacob Turner (4.37) who gave up a 3-run HR to Nelson Cruz and got the loss.  Turner faced 8 batters (4 hits, 1 walk, charged with 2 runs) and was followed by a relief crew which did not give up any more runs:  Matt Grace (1 batter), Blake Treinen (2 batters), Matt Albers (6 batters), and Oliver Perez (1 batter).

Anthony Rendon (.283) went 2-for-4, including his solo HR.  Daniel Murphy (.316) saved further damage fielding a sharp grounder and making a flash throw to get the 4-6-3 double play in the 7th.

Mariners Manager Scott Servais was ejected by HP umpire Adam Hamari in the 6th when he argued a strikeout looking call on Guillermo Heredia.


Anthony Rendon hit his 4th HR (a solo) in the past 3 games in the 5th inning (#9), and Jayson Werth drove in the 2nd NATS run (also in the 5th) with an RBI sharp grounder to center, scoring Jose Lobaton.

Next – Friday, 26 May at 7:05 PM – Padres @ NATS:  Max Scherzer (4-3, 3.02 ERA, 76 K) vs. Luis Perdomo (0-1, 5.79 ERA, 36 K).

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May 24th: WSH-5, SEA-1

Final R H E
WSH 5 7 0
SEA 1 9 1
W: Roark (4-2, 4.32)
L: Gaviglio (0-1, 1.38)
S: –


Anthony Rendon (277) hit a 3-run HR (his 8th) in the first inning.  Ryan Zimmerman (.371) scored Trea Turner (.242) in the 1st on a sac fly, and Trea Turner had an RBI single in the 2nd scoring Michael Taylor (.275).

SP Tanner Roark (4.32 ERA) pitched 7 inning giving up 1 run on 8 hits and no walks, striking out 7.  Roark had a SP game score of 71, best his previous high of 66 (top this year is Max Scherzer with 78).  Roark faced 28 batters, had a total of 102 pitches (67 strikes), 9 groundouts and 0 flyouts.  Relievers Enny Romero (3 batters), Shawn Kelley (1 batter) and Koda Glover (3 batters) gave up 1 hit, no walks, not runs with 1 K (Glover).

Chris Heisey experienced an injury (right biceps rupture) during batting practice and was placed on the 10-day DL; Brian Goodwin was called up from AAA/Syracuse.

Other NATS on the DL:  Joe Blanton (shoulder), Stephen Drew (leg), Sammy Solis (elbow), and Adam Eaton (knee – out for the season).

Coming up – Mariners on Thursday, 12:05 PM:  Gio Gonzalez (3-1, 2.86 ERA, 46 K) vs Ariel Miranda (3-2, 4.28 ERA, 47 K).

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May 23rd: WSH-10, SEA-1

Final R H E
WSH 10 15 0
SEA 1 5 0
W: Ross (2-0, 5.32)
L: Bergman (1-2, 6.30)
S: –


The NATS had 15 hits, 10 RBI, 2 walks and scored 8 runs in the 4th inning.  Anthony Rendon (.278) went 3-for-4, including 2 HRs and a double (10 total bases), had 5 RBI, and scored 3 runs.  The NATS had 3 HRS in the 4th inning:  Rendon’s 2nd, Jayson Werth (.286) and Bryce Harper (.346).

Trea Turner (.241) joined the barrage in the 4th inning scoring Matt Wieters (.285) on his triple. Ryan Zimmerman (.372) went 3-for-4 and scored 2 runs, and Michael Taylor (.276) had a 2-for-4 evening.

SP Joe Ross (5.32) pitched 8.0 innings giving up only 1 run on 5 hits (including 1 HR) and no walks, striking out 6 of 27 batters (101 pitches, 68 strikes).  Representing the only NATS relief pitcher for the game (unusual), Matt Grace (4.05) took the 9th inning, putting up zeroes across the board facing 3 batters.

Next up Wednesday, May 24 at 7:05 PM:  Tanner Roark (3-2, 4.73 ERA, 42 K) vs. Sam Gaviglio (0-0, 1.29 ERA, 6 K).   Promotion:  Max Scherzer Snow Globe. 

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May 21st: WSH-3, ATL-3

Final R H E
WSH 3 7 0
ATL 2 6 2
W: Strasburg (5-1, 3.28)
L: Garcia (1-3, 4.07)
S: Glover (3)


Stephen Strasburg (3.28) pitched 7.2 strong innings striking out 11 of 29 batters faced, giving up 2 earned runs on 5 hits and 1 walk (118 pitches, 86 strikes).  Koda Glover (2.77) gave up 1 hit and struck out 1, facing 4, and induced a pop-up to 1st to end the game and get the save.  

Daniel Murphy hit HR #9 in the 2nd inning, going 2-for-4 with 5 total bases.  Wilmer Difo (.200) hit a triple in the 1st, and scored a run in the 3rd.  Michael Taylor (.266) stole 2B in the 2nd inning, and Stephen Strasburg  put down a sacrifice bunt in the 7th.  Bryce Harper (.349) got RBI #37.

Next up – home Tuesday versus the Mariners:  NATS SP is TBD vs Christian Bergman (1-1, 2.25 ERA, 12 K).

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NatsFanZone Interview: Meet “Rita 103,” NATS fan (52 games last year)

NatsFanZone Interview:  Meet “Rita 103,” NATS fan (52 games last year)

You won’t be surprised that Rita sits in section 103 (and shares some other seats in 100 with friends) in left field…near the Red Porch and Brew House, putting her close, by the way, to Jayson Werth on whom her granddaughter has a big crush (for Rita, he is “Werth-more” or “Werth-less,” depending on the day).  She likes the “straight on” view from 103, and the easy in/out entrance for her “bum knee.”   

Rita has had the half season package for 6 years, before that shared with her daughters-in-law, and went to 52 games last year.  The NATS became her #1 team when they drafted Ryan Zimmerman, “the epitome of class;” she is excited to see #11 injury-free (and doing great) this season.  She has also enjoyed watching Bryce Harper grow up from a teenager to a “tough young man.”

Some  of Rita’s Favorite Past NATS:  Chad Cordero, Livan Hernandez, Pudge Rodriguez, Mike Morse, Tyler Clippard, Alfonso Soriano and Nyjer Morgan.

How did Rita 103 became a huge baseball fan?  Rita grew up outside Pittsburgh (isn’t everyone in D.C. from Pittsburgh?) and was a huge Pirates fan.  She played baseball, had her own equipment and learned from her dad.  Though she had big hopes, she grew up in a different “boys only” era but settled for team water girl (with her own hat!)….she has great memories of those days at the field.

Her dad took her to old Forbes Field where she got to see the greats like Clemente, Mazeroski, Haddox, Groat, Virdon and Elroy Face, sitting in the sunny bleachers with her dad.  Her dad had one rule:  she had to score the games (or he wouldn’t take her again); dad was the official scorer for the local Little League.  She learned at age 6 or 7 and, to this day, scores every game she attends.   She managed her son’s team but her coaching career did not last long as she was again a bit ahead of her time on mom-coaching.

Why she loves baseball:   “I love the beauty, psychology and complexity of baseball.”  Sharing baseball with her grandchildren has become a great bonding experience, sitting through rain, drizzle, cold and heat with her.  Her 12-year old granddaughter loves baseball and she’s the one who also loves Jayson Werth (who plays right in front of their seats).  Rita’s husband, Dave, also from Pittsburgh, has stuck with the hometown team and accompanies when the Pirates are in town (he just sort of shakes his head over Rita and her NATS thing).  Dave’s attendance has been good for the NATS side, however (Pirates have yet to win a game he has attended), so we encourage Dave to show up more often.

NATS and Nationals Park:  

Red Carpet Rewards:  Rita and her friends enjoy the Red Carpet Rewards; she is in a network with her seat-mates to keep track of all the codes.  Sometimes they bring food and other times they eat in the Brew House or from nearby concessions.   She had to give up beer a few years back (allergies, ugh) so complains more about the price of water now….like most fans, she brings her own bottle.


NATS Staff:  Her experience with the NATS staff and employees has been great:  very friendly and helpful NATS staff at the park, and her ticket agent, Brandon, has been “terrific.”


Bob & FP & Charlie & Dave:  Rita loves Bob Carpenter & FP Santangelo (who doesn’t) with their teachable moments, and she usually listens to Charlie Slowes & Dave Jaegler on her old Walkman at the games.  She enjoys learning baseball facts, stats and arcane baseball – the stuff reserved for “crazed fans.”

Pay attention MLB:  Like the rest of us, she dislikes “having to listen to other announcers (ESPN, etc) doing NATS games; they don’t know the nuts and bolts, quirks of our team.”

Pay attention NATS Execs – Rita’s Pet Peeves:   

Fans walking up and down the aisles during at bats.

Visiting opponent fans heckling Werth (we know who they are).

Kids food:  the NATS need more concession packages for kids.  Kid food and kids prices; other parks have much lower prices.

Water:  the price is outrageous.

Rita is proud to be a NATS fan and is looking forward to the playoffs (World Series!) and All-Star game next year.

Thanks, Rita 103, for our first NatsFanZone Fan Interview!



May 20th: WSH-2, ATL-5

Final R H E
WSH 2 7 0
ATL 5 9 1
W: Krol (1-1, 6.88)
L: Scherzer (4-3, 3.02)
S: Johnson (8)


Wind made the rain delay in the 5th inning more problematic for the grounds crew in Atlanta, but NATS reliever Oliver Perez was at the ready trying to help get the tarp in place.

Nonetheless, the NATS weren’t able to get things turned around after the almost 2 hour rain delay, with the Braves bullpen keeping the NATS hitless in the final 4 and two-thirds innings.

Max Scherzer (3.02) pitched 5 innings giving up 3 earned runs off of 4 hits, 3 walks and 2 HRs (106 pitches, 62 strikes).  Scherzer struck out 6 of 21 batters.  Blake Treinen (7.78) gave up a run (2 hits), Oliver Perez (5.79) put up a zero in the runs column, and Matt Albers (1.62) gave up a solo HR making it 2-5.

Trea Turner (.243) went 2-for-4 with 1 RBI (scoring Matt Wieters), and Jayson Werth (.296) drove in Max Scherzer (both runs scored in the 5th inning).

Next game Sunday 1:35 PM in Atlanta:  Stephen Strasburg (4-1, 3.42 ERA, 48 K) vs. Jaime Garcia (1-2, 4.65 ERA, 25 K).

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May 19th: WSH-4, ATL-7

Final R H E
WSH 4 8 0
ATL 7 12 1
W: Vizcaino (2-1, 2.76)
L: Romero (2-2, 5.75)
S: Johnson (7)


Michael Taylor (.279) had a 2-for-4 night (including a double) and made an impressive throw to home in the 6th inning to get Dansby Swanson out.  Daniel Murphy (.325) homered (#8) going 2-for-4 with 1 RBI and 6 total bases.  Trea Turner had an RBI single scoring Michael Taylor in the top of the 3rd.  The NATS had 8 hits, 3 walks, 6 Ks and 10 LOB.  Braves SP R.A. Dickey got tagged with all 4 NATS runs (2 earned), giving up 8 hits (1 HR), 3 walks and striking out 4.

NATS SP Gio Gonzalez (2.86) struggled in 5.2 innings, giving up 4 earned runs on 4 hits (2 HRs) and 3 walks, throwing 116 pitches (72 strikes) to 28 batters.  Matt Grace (4.76) and Shawn Kelley (6.08) did not give up a run but Enny Romero (5.75), who entered with the game tied 4-4 in the bottom of the 8th, gave up 3 runs.

Next up at 4:10 PM Saturday:  Max Scherzer (4-2, 2.80 ERA, 70 K) vs. Bartolo Colon (2-4, 6.80 ERA, 27 K).


May 18th: WSH-4, PIT-10

Final R H E
WSH 4 6 2
PIT 10 13 1
W: Glasnow (2-3, 7.34)
L: Roark (3-2, 4.73)


SP Tanner Roark (4.73) had a rough night in Pittsburgh giving up 7 earned runs on 8 hits, 2 HR (2-run to Josh Bell in the 1st and a solo shot to John Jaso in the 5th), and 4 walks in 5 innings (114 pitches, 66 strikes).  Roark’s game score was a very low 16 to the Pirates SP Tyler Glasnow’s 46 (the best game score of 2017 is Max Scherzer’s 78 and Gio Gonzalez had the previous low of 32).

Relief:  Blake Treinen (7.71) then faced 3, giving up 1 run, Enny Romero (4.66) gave up 2 runs, and Shawn Kelley (6.57) was able to put up zeroes in the 9th.

The NATS had 2 errors for a second night in a row, both by Daniel Murphy (throw and missed catch).  

Murphy (.320) had a good night otherwise going 2-for-4 with a solo HR.  Adam Lind (.341) and Ryan Zimmerman (.376) both doubled, and Bryce Harper (.365) struck out 3 times.  Anthony Rendon (.270) walked twice and scored 1 run.

NATS totals:  6 Hits, 2 RBI, 4 walks, 11 strikeouts, 16 LOB.

Up next – NATS to Atlanta:  Gio Gonzalez (3-1, 2.47 ERA, 41 K) vs. R.A. Dickey (3-3, 4.22 ERA, 22 K).